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A device that easily solves the difficulty of obtaining SCSI hard drives

BlueSCSI is a small device of SCSI hard disk that uses an SD card. This product is a genuine product licensed by Eric Helgeson.

BlueSCSI is an open source, open hardware, and open design SCSI solution for vintage computers.

Recently, the supply of parts has finally stabilized, so we can continue to use good parts. It seems that other sellers are doing their best to purchase good parts, so we are doing our best not to lose. We are rivals to other sellers, but we are also good companions who love Blue SCSI.


We use high quality solder made by Taiyo electric from Japan. The blend is tin 60 / lead 40. This is a great solder that shines like a jewel when finished. Hand soldering is the same for everyone, but a guitar repairman with a 30-year career works carefully. Since we were an effector manufacturer at the time of starting a business, the experience at that time is alive.

BlueSCSI: サービス一覧

Clean PCBs to all customers

Cleaning is repeated 4 times. After performing IPA cleaning twice, PMA (alkaline solution) cleaning is performed, and then soaked in clean IPA, air blown, and warm air dried to completely remove the moisture. If we do not do so far, the flux cannot be completely removed.
*I personally hate the flux left on the surface of the PCB. I want the PCB to shine beautifully.

BlueSCSI: 画像

Perform inspections many times

We visually check the parts in detail before assembling. The inspection work is 4 times, first USB test after programming, boot test on Mac after mounting on test PCB, boot test on Mac again after assembly, final test before packing. BluePIL itself is made in China and is not 100% stable, and there are rarely defective products. Eliminating them is a lot of testing and inspection. defective products have never returned.

BlueSCSI: 画像

Cases and mount brackets

Our BlueSCSI comes with a cool 3D printed case or mount bracket. Of course, these are also our original designs. Some of the sellers are our case designs, but I'm glad them liked it.

Basically the case and bracket were designed by my subordinate Alan Williams. I just talked about ideas and design, so I felt like Jobs for a while. I don't know anyone else who is as good at 3D modeling as Alan, but he helped me set up the printer itself. Recently I've been able to use it quite well.

I wanted to make the DB25 shell case the coolest, so I made an Apple product a very good example. The slit on the back is from the frog design, and the screw on the top is the image of a G4 generation Mac. 

BlueSCSI: 画像
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