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ROM-inator Resurrections

DIY Kit with pre-programed ROMs

ROM-inator Resurrections: ようこそ

This Mac Rom-Inator Resurrections kit has the following functions other than being a replacement part for a failed ROM.

・Replace the startup sound

・Change the Happy Mac icon

・Bootable ROM disk *you can edit

・Native HD20 support *You can use BMOW floppy Emu in HD20 emulation mode w/out real HD20.

・Tweak the ROM code behavior

If the IC and sockets soldering work is successful, the work will be easy to finish. Booting with a ROM disk can be done instantly, so it's really impressive! Very useful for Mac 128K and 512K without SCSI.

With the ROM FLASH TOOL provided by Steve Chamberlin, you can reprogram the ROM on a real Mac with the Rom-Inator Resurrections. * No need for EPROM programmers.

The main tasks of this reprogram are to change the boot chime and Happy Mac icon, and install your own edited boot ROM disk.

Note: ROM FLASH TOOL cannot be used at 128K because SYSTEM is old and does not support it.

Currently, the Youtube video by James Wages is the most straightforward explanation, and we recommend watching it before making the kit.

Please see the BMOW website for the production method.

Assembly Instructions here

You can download the required program here.

Rom Flash Tool

Flash Tool Data

Genuine Boot sound here

 *I wanted a genuine 128K (512K) boot sound, so I made the sound data.

Note: Again, the ROMs (Hi and Lo) included in the kit have been pre-flashed before shipping. Basically, if you assemble it, it will work.

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ROM-inator Resurrections: 概要
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