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World wide shipping!

Important Notices:

Japan Post has increased the price from June 1, 2022.

From the Japan Post website below:

"Japan Post will raise the price of EMS (Express Mail Service) and international parcels from June 1, 2022. In addition, there are some changes in the price. First, the" zone "where the price changes depending on the country / region. Reorganize and change the weight stage of parcel post (aviation) every kilogram. In addition, the EMS special additional charge due to the soaring transportation costs due to the decrease in air transportation volume will be applied to international parcels (air). "

Along with this, the charges will be revised as follows (charges up to 500g):

New Zealand, USA, Mexico, Middle East, Europe


Asia (excluding China, South Korea and Taiwan)


China / Korea / Taiwan


*EMS flights are currently stopped in Canada, Australia and Belgium. It can be shipped only if the package can be sent in the name of the company.Yamato Transport will carry it.

We will continue to give one Tune-O-Gear gift. Thank you for your understanding.

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NEW!! SMC Beleth's Drum

Latest information

April 22, 2022

Shipping to Canada, UK, Italy, France and Australia is limited and EMS shipping is not possible. We will change the shipping company to Yamato Transport and ship it, but there are the following conditions.

- It is necessary to receive it in the name of the company. It can be shipped to your place of employment or your company. There will be an additional cost of 3 USD after payment, which will be notified and billed after payment.

-ROM-ROM used for Inator Resurrections (ST 39SF040)

It takes time to receive the item. We will temporarily change the supplier, so it will probably be reshipped from the beginning of May.

We will inform you of the current situation Here.

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Blue SCSI is a small device for SCSI hard disks that uses an SD card. This product is a genuine product licensed by Eric Helgeson.

BlueSCSI is an open source, open hardware, and open design SCSI solution for vintage computers. It is built by the community of creators, not knockoffs or cloners. Please note that sellers who are not listed in the above link will be deleted above.


About us

Behind the scenes of repair work

My main business is a guitar repairman. However, I love car restoration, custom watch making, and vintage Mac repairs.
The first musical instrument store I worked for 30 years ago was also an authorized Mac retailer. Unfortunately I was in charge of repairing the guitar.
At that time, PCs already had color, but I was really impressed with the black and white Mac. It was a lot of fun to make a band flyer and learn DTP.
Then, after starting my own company, I flew a little, and it was the era of G3. The atmosphere was a little different from 68K, and it was the era of broadband. But from that time on, I started to focus on the 68K Mac. Of course, I used to put an accelerator on the G3 and G2 Mac, but I still loved the 68K Mac.
Now 2021, we're about to say goodbye to Intel and enter the era of Apple M1 chips. But unfortunately I'm not very interested in the latest Macs.
Older Macs and Apple IIs still have room for handmade. You can do it yourself and it will bring great results. I want to share that kind of fun with you.

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