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About Restoring Vintage Mac

I will tell you the repair method mainly to return to the original.

Vintage Mac mods

I will introduce an example that mainly mods more advanced than repair


About us

Behind the scenes of repair work

My main business is a guitar repairman. However, I love car restoration, custom watch making, and vintage Mac repairs.
The first musical instrument store I worked for 30 years ago was also an authorized Mac retailer. Unfortunately I was in charge of repairing the guitar.
At that time, PCs already had color, but I was really impressed with the black and white Mac. It was a lot of fun to make a band flyer and learn DTP.
Then, after starting my own company, I flew a little, and it was the era of G3. The atmosphere was a little different from 68K, and it was the era of broadband. But from that time on, I started to focus on the 68K Mac. Of course, I used to put an accelerator on the G3 and G2 Mac, but I still loved the 68K Mac.
Now 2021, we're about to say goodbye to Intel and enter the era of Apple M1 chips. But unfortunately I'm not very interested in the latest Macs.
Older Macs and Apple IIs still have room for handmade. You can do it yourself and it will bring great results. I want to share that kind of fun with you.